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Sometimes, products that are targeted to travellers are not the real thing. This is not to make anyone proud - or anyone rich for that matter - but it is the truth. And it is the one thing that we set out to undo, when we started Greek Horizons. If you could only have a small taste of a country’s tradition, wouldn’t you want it to be authentic? No doubt. The rule is simple: our guests will have what we have, nothing less and nothing more.

That is not to suggest that we shall hide behind famous ancient Greek statues. On the contrary, we invested strongly in modern aesthetics inspired by a modern world. We followed the same design principles throughout our portfolio, so as to reinforce the brand’s coherence and increase its awareness. Our goal was to create a “closed” shelf, unique and highly attractive, both inside and outside; a shelf that functions with maximum autonomy, a point of sale in itself. 

Many believe that an attractive price is the key to achieving long term market success. Well, this is not true. The price is only one of the four elements in the marketing mix; it is always evaluated in relation to brand (promotion), quality (product) and placement (place). 

In Greek Horizons, we are building on all direction aiming at the best possible mix, i.e. the mix that creates value both for the consumer and the retailer.